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Ghost Recon Credits is on Sale at 5mmo
Ghost Recon Credits Starting today Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands and PvP Ghost War will feature exclusive Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege content including two new PvP classes inspired by Rainbow Six Siege for all players. Ghost War. Furthermore a two-part PvE mission will be available in which the Operators Valkyrie Twitch and Caveira appear called "Operation: Archangel". We have lost track of the Caveira Operator and Valkyrie longtime friend of Karen Bowman is able to identify her in Bolivia. With the help of Twitch the Ghosts will follow a series of clues to understand why Caveira is in Bolivia and will also know its difficult past. This challenge is playable in solitary or cooperative mode for up to four players and is accessible in the province of Caimanes.

By completing Operation: Archangel before August 14th players will be rewarded with Caveira's gloves. After wearing them players will be able to perform Caveira's iconic CQC move and automatically unlock the location of all nearby enemies. In addition to thebuy Ghost Recon Credits rewards for completing the challenge players will be able to arm and further customize their Ghosts with the Rainbow Six Gear Pack which includes new weapons and customization items such as the iconic Luison di Caveira gun an assault rifle HK 416 completely customizable a kefiah inspired by Valkyrie and a skull-mask inspired by Twitch.

To download and play Ghost Recon Credits today for free at

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