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GPS - Talk Austausch von Erfahrungen, Fragen, Probleme? Hier wird geholfen

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Alt 28.06.2009, 10:39
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Idee SportTracks Bugfix Update

Für diejenigen die SportTracks zur Auswertung verwenden: Gestern erschien ein Update für die Software. Link zur Webseite:

Release 2.1.3465 - June 27, 2009

This release is a bug fix release with a few small features added.

* Support Garmin devices via communicator API which only allow read by gpx, not tcx as listed here:
* Laps show/hide button for route view.
* Prompt for athlete weight if missing when pressing calculate calories button.
* Added option to "search by" and "group by" name field in activity reports view.
* Import Garmin cadence information stored in GPX files.

* When changing the date of an activity, the timer pauses are misplaced.
* Target x32 build to support garmin communicator import on x64 machines.
* Calendar navigation using activity GMT instead of local time.
* Athlete chart selection on first group of data.
* Selecting first recorded lap in splits view sometimes doesnt select segment in route view.
* Handle entry of zero stopped pace better, allow to blank out or enter 0.
* Support the export of multiple activities to Google Earth/KML.
* Export to Google Earth KML filename prefill not refreshed.
* Display of months total use for equipment no longer in use.
* Daily activity Date column shows wrong date when day has more than one workout.
* Crash viewing Active/Rest laps when no Rest laps defined.
* Convert pace zone values to correct y-axis units in splits page.
* Allow low>high, or high * In Edit Data Tracks, disable editing the start time of the elevation track if it's derived from the GPS track.
* Splits trackbar not appearing when using Windows "Classic" theme on XP.
* Fixed .gpx export for compatibility with tracklogs and memory map.
* Finish marker doesn't show on route when displaying some lap type.
* Display actual name of month in month total rows of daily activity view instead of "This Month" / "Last Month" which caused some confusion when a week was split between two months.
* Fixed plugin upgrade install scenarios when download is launched from SportTracks or browser.
* Problem with editing splits when stopped time is not included.
* Modified logic for determining when imported data should be merged with an existing activity or create a new one.
* Clean up old computed data when a logbook is loaded to free up memory.
* Split markers clipped when saving to large image sizes.
* Split activity adds laps when stopped time is not included.
* Danish and Finnish translation updates
* Numerous small fixes to improve linux/mono compatibility
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bugfix, sporttracks, update

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